Landscape Planting and Design

At Envirocare, we provide professional consultancy services, as well as the resources to develop and design any living spaces and gardens for both residential and commercial clients. (commercial buildings, condominiums, industrial sites and residential gardens)

We design spaces with functional and aesthetical features to create the perfect atmosphere. We use durable plants to ensure minimal maintenance, coupled with elements such as fences, paved walkways cladding walls and ornaments that add to the usefulness and beauty of the site.

Our consultants are more than just landscape professionals, we go the extra mile to know our clients better, to understand exactly what they are looking for and deliver results that touch their heart.

Project Image
Project Image

Landscape Maintanence

We provide a wide range of maintenance services for your outdoor space. Our comprehensive services include:

  1. Dried Leaves Removal
  2. Border Works
  3. Fertilizing
  4. Lawn Cutting
  5. Grass Cutting
  6. Soil Cultivation
  7. Shrubs and Hedges Trimming
  8. Plant Watering
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In order to maintain a consistent and impressive outlook, we provide the optimal care needed for your garden through concise maintenance timings and methods. Through careful planning and service implementation plans, we ensure that the garden is expertly cared for.