At Envirocare Landscape Pte Ltd (S), we provide professional landscaping services for residential and commercial spaces. Our team are dedicated to an impactful design philosophy. Our designs are based through intensive consultations to understand our clients needs. With an array and unique and exquisite plants and lawns, Envirocare is ready to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Why Landscaping?

While landscaping beautifies the outlook of outdoor space, it also complements your property, enhancing the property value. The vibrant colours make a difference on spaces – whether it is a walk through or art display. Landscaping also promotes a less artificial environment, improving air quality. Landscaping promotes sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint which can potentially reduce energy cost in the long run.

Project Image

The Envirocare Way

To create a perfect outdoor space through landscaping is an art itself. At Envirocare, our team are well-versed to effectively achieve a beautifully designed outdoor space - with colour, balance, form, plants selection and clever implementation methods like repetition and contrast.